About Us

The C. G. Jung Society of Queensland, is dedicated to making available to as wide an audience as possible the life and works of Dr Carl Gustav Jung.

The Society focuses on three main vehicles as a means to achieve this goal; through monthly meetings, presenting workshops, and by making available to members and scholars, a library which has been carefully developed and selectively pruned over nearly three decades.

The scope of our interests includes presenting the work of Jung’s colleagues, students, and contemporaries. Our speakers also will explore the writings of the “post” Jungian authors who re-envisioned, re-imagined and extended the reach of Jung’s thought.

When the opportunity arises we also will explore those subjects which form the tree and roots of human consciousness and which find parallels in the wide range of Dr. Jung’s work. Such presentations may include; the thought and practices of a variety of spiritual and religious traditions, enduring philosophical influences, and literary and artistic achievements occurring over the historical landscape of human evolution.

Dr Jung was first and foremost a healer. The Society promotes an understanding of Jung’s work through the exploration of psychological and spiritual applications to our individual journey, interpersonal relationships, and contemporary collective challenges. We believe this study ultimately can help to create a safer, more soulful world for women and men to fulfil their destinies.