Path to the soul: an Eastern and Jungian perspective

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Path to the soul: an Eastern and Jungian perspective

A presentation by Ashok Bedi M.D

Saturday, September 3, 2011 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Venue: The Quaker House, 10 Hampson St, Kelvin Grove
Admission: Members & Concession: $10 • Non-members: $15

In first half of life, we must establish our ground to survive in the outer world in the realm of Maya and in the process accumulate positive and negative Karma. In the second half of life, we have to rebalance our Karmic balance sheet guided by our soul’s whispers to attend to our Dharma or Purpose in this lifetime. Participants would be introduced to the integrative Hindu and Jungian perspective on establishing their path to their soul, by decoding the symbols of our soul that incarnate in our life. These symbols manifest as dreams, fantasies, complexes, synchronistic events, accidents, relationship tangles, and creative outputs, medical and psychiatric symptoms & Kundalini events. All these incarnations of the soul carry a potential symbol. These symbols have the potential to renew and rekindle the vitality and purposefulness of our life. Methods to decode and honor these soul symbols will be explored using case vignettes and film clips.

Learning Objectives:

Lay out the Jungian & the Hindu path to the soul
Discuss the concepts of Maya, Karma and Dharma
Explore some of the fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga
Present a framework to engage the healing wisdom of the soul
Formulate the workings of the archetypes of Ganesha & Aditi to demonstrate the universality of the ancestral wisdom on our path to the Soul
Suggested Readings

Path to the Soul by Ashok Bedi, Samuel Weiser Inc. Publishers 2000

Retire Your Family Karma by Ashok Bedi and Boris Matthews, Nicholas Hayes Inc. Publishers, 2003

Awakening the Slumbering Goddess- The Latent Code of the Hingu Goddess Archetypes by Ashok Bedi, M.D., Booksurge Publishers, 2007