Jung and Me

Jung and Me

A presentation by Dr. Saibal Guha

Thursday, November 2, 2023 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Venue: St Mary’s Anglican Church Hall,
455 Main St, Kangaroo Point, Q 4169
Admission: Members & Concession: $10 • Non-members: $15

In this talk, the focus will be to narrate the defining milestones in Saibal’s journey through childhood in India, from being an introverted child to becoming the person he is today through many landmark events and incidents that were possibly triggers to bring out the unconscious need to explore, to seek and to find himself. Why did he become a Psychiatrist? Why did he change countries? Why was he ‘running’ throughout his life? What were the unconscious triggers? Was there synchronicity and acausality in his life progression?

Saibal always associated his inner restlessness as an impetus to seek salvation through achievement. His efforts have been conscious and sometimes strategic. But deep down, like Carl Jung believed, he always felt an unconscious need to push forward. The journey followed an ill defined and unchartered path, with inevitable twists and turns. However, Saibal always knew each destination he reached was only the beginning.

Saibal will present his perspective and understanding of his ill defined psyche, possibly unpacking the psychological construct of a Psychiatrist. This talk will be reflective, narrative and thought provoking. So he believes… And, those who come on this day to hear him speak will be part of his collective unconsciousness and his destiny to have your esteemed presence in his life. And Saibal’s story.

Saibal will unravel himself to you for the first time. So, if this talk evokes your interest, you are connected to Saibal and have always been.

About Dr Saibal Guha
Dr Saibal Guha is working at Marsai Clinic in Cleveland. Previously, he was at Belmont Private Hospital private practice for over a decade. His specific area of interest is Adult ADHD and Neuropsychiatry. He is also trained in TMS therapy and has set up a TMS clinic at his practice in conjunction with NeuroXcellTMS. Originally from an Armed Forces background in India, Saibal has been involved in this field of Psychiatry for over 26 years, trying to find pathways to enhance care, improve the quality of life and functioning of patients, and improve treatment parameters. He has recently published his first book.
‘Dying for Life – Defying Death and Destiny.’

This book is based on a real-life incident Saibal had been involved in as a child. This affected his later life choice of career and possible experiences with synchronicity and acausality. Saibal has a strong association with his family in Australia and also India. He works with a mental health foundation in India. This organisation Antara, has been involved since the 1970s in alleviating mental health for the poor and downtrodden in Kolkata. This is his birthplace. Saibal has a strong connection to exploring the unknown, the metaphysical and the spiritual aspects which are unseen and obscured.
Saibals’ core principle in life is –
‘Goodness is the key to Godliness.And seeking this is my destiny.’