A personal encounter with “The Dark Night of The Soul” — Workshop

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A personal encounter with “The Dark Night of The Soul” — Workshop

A presentation by Kay Gersch

Saturday, November 4, 2017 9:30am - 4pm
Venue: The Lavalla Centre, 58 Fernberg Rd, Rosalie 4064
Admission: Members & Concession: $90 • Non-members: $110

Please bring a plate for shared lunch.

In this workshop we will explore the individual relations we each have to the Dark Night of the Soul and the very particular way it might visit you, and what it requires of you. In the midst of a culture of “bright” values, we will give conscious attention to “dark” values. We will pay respect to the St John of the Cross poem of the same name, as well as the notion of the “dark face of God”. The myth of Inana and the descent to the goddess will also give us some clues. We will examine the I Ching and other wisdom oracles that likewise chart a course, or advise an attitude, suitable to the dark passage. We will ponder the myth of Sisyphus, and attempt to rephrase this as a Dark Night learning. We will approach what is essentially the calling of our soul, through our sometimes reluctant and bewildered egos.

The Thursday night talk will give an understanding of what the metaphorical language of the Dark Night is leading us towards. Attendance at the talk will help prepare our psyches for metaphorical rather than literal language. When we take on a particular energy in a ritual way, consciously, we are somewhat prepared when it comes upon us.

All activities in this workshop will direct you to your own inner, and perhaps outer, process. This exploration is paradoxical, as it invites a response of joy, as you will see.

Kaye Gersch PhD has been working in allied health fields since the 1970’s and as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist for 25 years. She lives in Cairns, Australia. Her training is eclectic, including the Jungian and Psychoanalytic traditions as well as philosophy. Her PhD is in Psychoanalytic Feminist Philosophy (University of Queensland). However, she considers her real training to be the face-to-face encounters with clients, and the deep demands of her own life.