Who is Wolfgang Giegerich & Can He Help Us to Live Better Lives?

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Who is Wolfgang Giegerich & Can He Help Us to Live Better Lives?

A presentation by Robert Dommett

Friday, November 6, 2015 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Venue: The Quaker House, 10 Hampson St, Kelvin Grove
Admission: Members & Concession: $10 • Non-members: $15

Our November presentation features Sydney Jung Society President Robert Dommett introducing the work of controversial post Jungian psychologist Wolfgang Giegerich and addressing the question of whether Giegerich and his work can help us to live better lives.

Wolfgang Giegerich has been heralded as the next wave in Jungian thinking, yet few Jungians have read his work. Giegerich has been dismissed with the single accusation that he is a Hegelian, as if that term alone meant that all “good” Jungians need look no further.

Giegerich is little read by Jungians and non-Jungians alike, but the few who have persisted and allowed Giegerich’s thinking to work within have been opened up to a profoundly deeper level of understanding.

Of those who have entered the Cretan labyrinth of Giegerich’s work of over some 200 publications, few have emerged unchanged.

Sydney Jung society President Robert Dommett is one of the dedicated students of Giegerich’s work.

To be totally honest when I first read Giegerich’s discussion on Alchemy, I thought it was indecipherable and bizarre, but something brought me back to his work time and again and slowly I realised that my initial resistance was a function of my own limitations and programming rather than any deficiency on Giegerich’s part. With patience and persistence I was able to enlarge my perspective and Giegerich’s thinking started to open up to me and at last I saw a glimmer of the purpose of his project.

In his presentation, Robert will introduce Giegerich the man and his PDI methodology and discuss how Giegerich has applied this so as to gain a deeper understanding of many contemporary phenomena, such as…

Where technology is heading and what it wants form us The purpose of Television and the Internet Living in an age of virtual reality and medial modernity, and Why we are driven to incessantly search our screens. As part of his discussion, Robert will explore the philosophical foundations of Giegerich’s work and their relations to Jung and give us the opportunity to decide whether Giegerich’s work can help us to live better lives.

Robert has been studying Giegerich’s writing for over four years and has presented in Berlin at the ISPDI conference held to further Giegerich’s work. He is a systems analyst, researcher and developer of social profiling & market segmentation systems for use in the corporate sector. He is an avid reader in the areas of depth psychology, ancient religions, soul, consciousness & artificial intelligence and has focused his research interests on the application of computer-based synthetic human populations. Robert has a particular interest in the works of post Jungian author Wolfgang Giegerich and Islamic scholar Henry Corbin. He is currently the Technical Director of RDA Research, a leading market analytics agency.