A Big-Enough Land: identity, and Self without borders

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A Big-Enough Land: identity, and Self without borders

A presentation by Kris Hines

Thursday, May 5, 2022 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Venue: St Mary’s Anglican Church Hall
455 Main St. Kangaroo Point, QLD 4169
Admission: Members & Concession: $10 • Non-members: $15

Misidentification is one of the most persistent and insidious causes of suffering and mayhem. Although developmentally we need to establish a solid and boundaried sense of ego-self and to feel a sense of belonging in our own culture (natal, or chosen later on), this means we will find our selves living on a land of borders, peopled with the acceptable; a place of exclusive invitation, guarded against potential invasion from ‘the other’ and from the unconscious. Every time we feel, “I am this, and not that,” we tend to polarise and contract.

Yet safety is a core psychological need at all ages, especially when we have suffered abuse, criticism and rejection, abandonment or trauma. So, how to negotiate a less contracted landscape in our psyche; one where we can feel safe to explore, to wander, to include and celebrate, rather than feel compelled to silence or reject our own opposites and the opposites in others. And who are we beyond the opposites?

Kris sees this negotiation as a practical activity – potentially worth pursuing because it can directly enhance our sense of freedom, well-being, wholeness and connection – but not as a moral activity of shoulds, goodness or forgiveness. This is a should-free land; this land is your land!

The tension of opposites is as ancient as light and dark, star dust and gravity; it fills Greek mythology, Vedanta, Christianity, and the ‘I, it and Thou’ of Martin Buber. It is as all-pervading and stubborn as a hundred daily annoyances; it is both stealthy and alluring.

In this presentation Kris will use Jung’s concepts of individuation, the transcendent function and projection as the basis for applying the processes of the Psychology of Selves and Voice Dialogue to this intriguing issue of identity and identification in our relationship with ourselves and with others.

About the presenter:
Kris Hines is a counsellor and facilitator in private practice on the Sunshine Coast. She has a Diploma of Counselling, a Diploma of Teaching and an M.A. in Education. She draws on an extensive experiential background in Jungian psychology through analysis, professional development, and archetypal mythology and dream work. She has presented professional development trainings for the ACA and QCA, and workshops on themes of Jung, voice dialogue, bonding patterns in relationship, myth, conflict resolution, voice, and life journey and self esteem for children and adults. Her work has also been in prisons, in Sydney and New York, and in a spiritual community in India. She is trained in Voice Dialogue facilitation and often uses its concepts in individual and couple work as a powerful way to bring unconscious patterns into the light for conscious integration. She is eternally thankful to Carl Jung for his concept of wholeness and the healing richness it brings, and for his de-pathologising of the human condition.