A Veil of Tears: Grief, resolution and recognition of a powerful emerging Mythos

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A Veil of Tears: Grief, resolution and recognition of a powerful emerging Mythos

A presentation by Marie Makinson

Thursday, May 6, 2021 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Venue: St Mary’s Anglican Church Hall
455 Main St. Kangaroo Point, QLD 4169
Admission: Members & Concession: $10 • Non-members: $15

The Sinking of the Gaia - by kind permission of the artist Leslie Thiel www.lathiel.com and the owners of the work, the Bennett Collection of Women Artists

In 2012 Prime Minister Julia Gillard delivered a speech to the Australian parliament which directly addressed an actively misogynistic culture at the centre of Australian political life. Initially criticised at home, the speech was and still is a touchstone in a growing global conversation about power and gender.
Now nearly a decade later in this country we can hardly doubt that we are living through a time of cultural decay. Royal commissions, high profile court cases, protest movements, investigative journalism, millions of individuals speaking up, have outed the dark shadow that ensures endemic inequality in terms of gender, race, age, class and a brutal attitude towards nature.

In too many places, power is enforced through violence or the threat of violence. ‘Strong men’ with an endless supply of weapons and willing militias, force opponents and dissenters into death or submission. Reports of sadistic killings and torture are commonplace; misogyny, and hatred of otherness are hallmarks of ‘these places’ featured in our newsfeeds. But increasingly the veil is being lifted on the reality of these same elements woven into the “shadow” fabric of our own society. So, we are faced with a world ravaged and ruined by the gods of money and power. Nature has largely been commercialised, our bodies have been commercialised and we have bought into all of it. We creep towards the conclusion of the times.

And yet… soul beckons us to a new vision.

In this talk, we will begin to examine the mythic dimensions of the Julia Gillard speech: the long shadow it captures, the psychological change that it points to and the way it ripples and opens up related narratives. Perhaps the speech was a wave that began a tsunami. We must try and stay conscious in the aftermath, recognise the symbols that are emerging – hold on to soul.

Marie Makinson is a Jungian Analyst working in private practice in Northern NSW. She is a member of GAP in London, ANZSJA, IAAP and is a member practitioner of ISST: International Society of Sandplay Therapy. Marie is a former president of Queensland Jung Society and has given a number of talks over the last decade: most recently ‘Levelling the Hero’: parts one and two in 2018.