Decrypting the enigma of the existence of god

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Decrypting the enigma of the existence of god

A presentation by Peter Todd

Friday, May 8, 2015 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Venue: The Quaker House, 10 Hampson St, Kelvin Grove
Admission: Members & Concession: $10 • Non-members: $15

Prior to the emergence of quantum physics and depth psychology a schism between science and religion, psyche and matter had existed since the seventeenth century with the repression of mind and its banishment from the domain of scientific enquiry. Science rested upon an underlying epistemology of materialism so consciousness and the personal equation of mind of the human observer were considered to be mere epiphenomena to be passed over in silence. Peter Todd presents a story of how, just as the mind of the observer was being ousted by behaviourial psychology, it was synchronously being re-discovered in quantum physics as the consciousness or “personal equation” of the human observer in experimental situations. He will explore the notion of the complementarity of mind and matter with archetypes as cosmic ordering and regulating principles and active quantum information as in the work of Physicist David Bohm and his colleagues.

Image from SAND Science and NonDuality.

David Bohm’s implicate order and Jung’s collective unconscious outline dimensions of extended mind and of the Self which transcend space and time, the stuff which a third millennium theology could be made of. Pauli’s concept of the U-field referred to the unconscious as the psychological counterpart of the field concept in quantum physics an idea with distinctly metaphysical connotations, a theme explored in the lecture as is the notion that God and humanity are in an entangled state so that the individuation of each is inextricably bound with the other. In other words, the evolution of God and that of humanity cannot be separated. Deconstructing the epistemology of metaphysical materialism can be considered vital to the emergence of a global consciousness of the sacredness and interconnectedness of all beings and of the ecosystems which sustain life on earth.

Peter B. Todd has been a research psychologist at the Neuropsychiatric Institute Sydney, a member of the Biopsychosocial AIDS Project at the University of California, a consultant in the department of immunology at St. Vincent’s Hospital, and a research coordinator at the Albion Street AIDS Clinic Sydney. His papers have appeared in the British Journal of Medical Psychology, Griffith Review, the interdisciplinary journal Mind and Matter and Teilhard Studies the journal of the American Teilhard Association. His most recent book is The Individuation of God: Integrating Science and Religion (Chiron Publications 2012). He is currently a psychoanalytic psychologist in private practice in Sydney, Australia.