Indaba (Tales) ‘Under The Boab Tree’

Indaba (Tales) ‘Under The Boab Tree’

A presentation by Franceska Jordan

Thursday, June 6, 2024 7.30 - 9.30pm
Venue: St Mary’s Anglican Church Hall,
455 Main St, Kangaroo Point, Q 4169
Admission: Members & Concession: $10 • Non-members: $15

Under The Boab Tree, is a story of abuse, loss, exile, and love. This story inspires, gives hope, and shows how through adversity we can triumph and grow. Franceska is dedicated to sharing her and her mother’s story to honour their journey of being tenacious survivors who choose to live with a loving heart. Franceska’s story is one of amazing courage. Her story offers strength and comfort at a time when the pain, exclusion, isolation, abuse, and disrespect seem insurmountable. They “held the tension of opposites” as Jung would say.

These tales- indabas – are set against the background of a time of upheaval in South Africa when the national government banned the Trade Union movement and apartheid was enforced. This stirring memoir traverses Africa and Australia following the Speer-Jordan family, who fled persecution and poverty in Varniai, Lithuania, to South Africa.

As the story unfolds, Franceska and her mother, Isabella show amazing courage and prove themselves to be brave, seemingly indestructible women. Under The Boab Tree is a tale about the souls of these two remarkable women connecting to the people they meet. It is a story which shows richness of the mother and daughter’s hearts and their spiritual, political, and humanitarian awakenings which give them the power and purpose they need to find truth and justice for themselves and others.

As reviewed by Professor Robert Bland AM – In ’Under The Boab Tree’ – Franceska creates both character and symbol. This tree and others in the story, are endowed with a spiritual quality – a strength and beauty – that reflects the spirit of Isabella and Franceska. The Baobab is strong but unique in its properties – kind of upside down, a welcoming home for birds and animals, a source of inspiration and wisdom in its constancy, and a tree with healing powers. The tree is a sanctuary, a teacher, a witness of evil and shameful deeds and the courage to resist and overcome. Franceska uses the tree as an evolving metaphor for the good life – not good in the sense of happy, but good in the sense of full.

Franceska Jordan (MA)

Franceska is an internationally recognised counsellor, speaker, author, and healer. She was awarded the Australian Medal (AM) in the Order of Australia Day Award for her work with the aged, community care, disability, and mental health sectors. Franceska has worked extensively in Africa, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and India and now resides amongst her beloved trees in Queensland, Australia. Franceska’s personal studies extend to Buddhism, Shamanic healing, non-dualism, and Jungian studies. She comes from the university of life (her own life has been fraught with difficulties), as well as extensive main stream study and practice in psychological, emotional, neuropsychological and group work. Franceska is a mother, grandmother, and keen gardener. Franceska recently retired from her life’s work in the health industry to complete her memoir, ‘Under The Boab Tree’.