The Committee Members

Librarian (currently not a member of the committee)
Marie Makinson 
Marie is a Jungian analyst practicing in Brisbane. She has worked as a therapist since 1979 though her first practice lasting twenty three years was in massage therapies. It was this work with the body that naturally progressed her towards a Jungian psychological training and she left for London in 1996 to train with the Guild of Analytical Psychologists. Marie returned to NSW Australia in 2004 and practiced in Lismore,  teaming up with fellow analysts Patrick Burnett in Bangalow and and Leon Petchkovsky in Robina

She moved to Brisbane in 2013 and practices Jungian analysis and sandplay therapy from her rooms in Red Hill.  Marie is a senior Jungian analyst with GAP and a member of ANZSJA and IAAP. She was president of the society in 2013 until the end of 2016. Marie believes that Jung opened the door to a psychology that is a path to our individual human potential as well as powerful vision for shaping our collective future. She is passionate about understanding, furthering and sharing Jung’s psychology and vision.

Laurence Browne

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Committee and Membership Secretary
Pam Blamey  (07 3876 0214 -

Pam Blamey is passionate about fairy tales. Why? Because there is more to them than just ‘happily ever after’. They are full of symbolism and metaphor and they nourish the spirit. She loves the way fairy tales pop up in the wider culture like self-sown perennial flowers; they are part of the social environment, depicting in story form the highs and lows of the human condition.

Pam was introduced to the work of C.G. Jung and Joseph Campbell at university in the 1990s. She also trained as a Gestalt Therapist, and graduated as an Art Therapist in 2013. Pam has been a member of the C.G. Jung Society of Queensland since 2001 and is also a founding member of The Australian Fairy Tale Society.
You can hear some fairy tales on Pam’s podcast
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Technical Advisor
Peter Fisher

Peter was born in the UK, spent a few early years in Alexandria, and then his family moved to Sydney where he went to school and university. His background training as a metallurgist( BSc, PhD) expressed a strong inner fascination in “how things work”, and through metallurgy he first came in contact with alchemy. This interest extended gradually to a deeper quest to understand his own psyche and its evolving.

Thus Peter has had a strong interest and interaction with Jung for over 20 years. He was part of a dream group in Sydney for the six years prior to him moving up to Queensland. He quickly became a member of the Jung Society of Queensland, and is now a committee member. He has a very strong commitment to his own dreamwork, dream groups, the purity of dreams, and developing ways to make dreamwork more accessible to many people.  

Committee Member
Diane Rockloff

Diane holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and was in private practice for over 30 years. Her initial training was primarily psychodynamic, but she was exposed to a Jungian approach to clinical work in early graduate school, and found that her style resonated with the theory. She chose as post-graduate training to attend courses through the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco.  Now retired, she began attending lectures and workshops through the C.G. Jung Society of Queensland in 2011, and became a committee member in 2012.  She has hosted a dream group in the Redlands since 2012 and has a long time interest in the spiritual and alchemical aspects of Jungian psychology.

Committee Member
Bill Rockloff

Bill was raised in a Univesity Town located in Southern California.  It was during his childhood andhis subsequent university studies that he nurtured his love of english literature, philosophy, history, and art. 

When he entered the world of work, he followed a path of corporate positions leading to a variety of administrative management roles.  During this period, his wife Diane pursued her professional studies in psychology.  Bill joined Diane as “a companion” attendinga number ofprofessional talks throughout her internship.

He acquired a life long passion for Jungian thoughtas a result ot his attending workshops and lectures in San Francisco.  Bill experiences his attendence at Jung Society talks and events, as well as his work on the Committee, as one of“coming home”.

Committee  Member
Cathy Irvin

Cathy was born in Katherine, in the Northern Territory, and grew up in PNG returning to Australia age 17.

After a very varied series of jobs, Cathy has been an English language teacher for the last twelve years working in a south Brisbane International School. She teaches and co-ordinates students mainly from Asian countries as well as fitting in a post graduate diploma in Psychology, and a diploma in Youth Justice.

Cathy has been a long time active member of AMORC (the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis). The diverse studies offered by this organization assist individuals to observe the deeper levels self. She came across Jung’s work through the writings of Dion Fortune and was drawn to his focus on self-development and expanding consciousness.

Her interests and hobbies include spending time with her children, physical exercise, reading, journaling and travelling.