Saturday Workshop

The Handless Maiden Workshop for Women:
Healing through the Feminine

Presented by Kaye Gersch

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Saturday 5 May, 10-4.30 pm
Quaker Meeting House,
10 Hampson St, Kelvin Grove (park on Prospect Terrace)

Members and concession $85; Non-members $100

This is a story about the place of women in contemporary patriarchal culture.  But haven’t women been liberated? Hasn’t this already been achieved?  What else can be said about the feminine?  You will be surprised to discover what this fairy tale can reveal for your personal psychology, and autonomy. 

For instance, do you feel you exist in your own right, or for another’s purposes? Are you truly able to exercise your own autonomy and self-determination in all situations? Do you have a sense of being your own agent, acting on your own behalf?  Are you seen for your uniqueness, or do you feel you are treated as if you are interchangeable with another person? Do you have a sense of boundary-integrity, or do you find it difficult to discover and maintain boundaries?  Do you feel silenced in any situation, or are you able to speak freely?  Are your feelings always respected?

Different aspects of this tale will affect different people differently.  We all have our personal take on it, and this is the power of it - that a collective tale can have such diverse personal impact.  Which part of the tale affects you the most?

The roles of maiden/young queen, virgin and angel are archetypes of the feminine with absolute relevance for us today, as initiators into a more conscious way of being ourselves as women.  Are we a father’s daughter - the daughter of the patriarchy?  Or a mother’s daughter, and if so, what do we mean by that? Are we virgins? What might it mean to be a virgin at 60? How would an angel guide us, and what might we mean by ‘angel’?

With these feminine archetypes guiding us, we will explore the meaning of being without hands (or with silver hands) in our every-day lives, through impediments such as illness, and expectations – our own as well as other’s.

Our own personal feminine genealogy will provide some guideposts for this journey.

There is time for fun - it is not all serious!  This workshop is experiential and participatory. It is essential that you have read the fairy tale before the workshop, and have attended the talk on the same subject the night before, as this will give the background for our exploration.

Read the Tale of the Handless Maiden

About Kaye Gersch

Kaye Gersch is an Analytic Psychotherapist of more than 20 years standing, and is currently a Doctoral candidate in the School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. The topic of her thesis is The Feminine in Body, Language and Spirituality, and is multidisciplinary, encompassing philosophy, theology and depth psychology.

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