Technology and Soul: Living at the Turning Point


Dr. Glen Slater, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, USA


WORKSHOP: Saturday 4 June 2011 10am-3pm.
A restorative day in Maleny, Sunshine Coast (address provided on registration).
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Today, we stand on the threshold of reengineering our essential being. Technology brings many gifts, but constant innovation and change have a psychological cost. We can become disoriented or distracted and lose sight of our inner compass. Finding our direction in these liquid times is a challenge that’s only going to deepen.

For large numbers of people cyberspace has already begun to replace everyday life. Devices designed to further the adaptation of mind and body to the computer world are already in the works. Chip implants beneath our skin will soon be commonplace. Around these innovations lies a sea of developments in psychotropic medication, genetic engineering, plastic surgery and robotics, all aiming to transform the very fabric of our existence.

What impact will these changes will make on the psyche? Uncovering the shadow side of this ‘ultimate makeover’ seems critical. As simply turning back may not be an option, how then are we to respond?

WORKSHOP: The history of psychopathology presents a curious link to industrialization and the mechanizing of life. In this workshop we’ll look at the cultural-historical weave of technology and depth psychology, then consider how current disorders and Jungian perspectives relate to the world’s increasing speed and incessant innovation. Together, we’ll reflect on ways to locate soul amidst these changes and explore how technology might develop without eroding our psychic foundations. Cinematic images will be used to aid this exploration.    

 WHO WILL BENEFIT: Anyone seeking deeper meaning about the impact of new technology on life, health, work, leisure time, family and well-being, including health and technology professionals. People interested in learning about depth psychological perspectives, and those who will enjoy the creative and thoughtful exploration of technology and soul via the medium of cinema. 

See also LECTURE.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Glen Slater, PhD has a background in religious studies and clinical psychology. For the past 15 years he has taught Jungian and archetypal psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California ( as well as more recently at Antioch University in Seattle. He edited and introduced the third volume of James Hillman’s Uniform Edition, Senex and Puer, as well as a volume of essays on mythology and psychology, Varieties of Mythic Experience. He is a regular contributor to Spring journal, where he also edits the film review section. Originally from Australia, he now lives on Bainbridge Island outside Seattle and is writing a book on depth psychology and new technologies


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